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This Privacy Policy describes what information we gather when you use JMT, how we use that information, and how you can monitor the compilation, correction, and/or deletion of information.

This Privacy Policy only extends to details you provide to us through the JMT website. Capitalized words that are not specified in this Privacy Policy have the same definition as in our Terms of Service.

Terms of Service

You agree to be bound by these Terms by deciding to access the Platform and/or use any services offered by the company. Please carefully read the following information. You agree to be bound by these Terms in relation to your use of this Platform if you are a parent or guardian and give your permission for your child to use this Platform. You agree to be legally bound by the provisions set forth hereby by means of your continued access to or use of the Platform. If your arrangement does not comply with these terms and conditions, leave this page immediately and stop using the Services.

Description of Services

Online education programmes for children are provided by Company JMT. Our aim is to teach the youngster mathematics. The premise is to build a virtual classroom that lets the child learn in time and place without restrictions.

User ID and Password

You may be required to establish an account and reveal details to the Company Platform and its services including but not restricted to (i) name, e-mail identity, photo, location and other contact information. (ii) sex and other population (iii) date of birth and date of validation for the Child's current age (iv) the parent approval e - mail address. To register on the platform, you must be at least 18 years old. Unless the parent or legal guardian completes such registration, you will not be allowed to register on this platform if you are under 18.You understand that your user ID and password (“Participant Account “) are for your sole use. The use or sharing of your Participant Account with another user or individual is not allowed and will result in the immediate blocking of your access to the Platform, the Services, and the Company's content, as well as the termination of this Agreement without warning.

You are solely responsible for keeping your Participant Account private and for any activities that occur under it. You consent to contact the Company immediately if you become aware of, or have cause to suspect, any improper use of your Participant Account. You also promise to take all appropriate measures to prevent any unauthorised usage and to assist the Company with any review of such unauthorised uses.

Trial Classes

We give our new members one (1) free trial course so that you can sample the services we offer. A new student is allowed only one (1) free trial class. Multiple trial classes are not permitted, without the written permission or prior written permission of the Company, by any person through his or her own account or by any other account, email ID, email and/or otherwise, and are in violation of the present Condition.

These Terms are also applicable to any free trial class offered by the Company.

Modules and Curriculum

The Company will have its sets of modules to complete the level of the child. The company has tutors that help the child with its modules. In addition, the company shall grant you access by means of video, audio, writing, graphics, recordings, photography, or other formats related to the modules for which you have registered, to its material, contents, curriculum, material and other information and data ("Curriculum"). It always retains the right, the Curriculum may be modified, revised, or updated.

License to Use

The Company hereby grants You and the Child a restricted, non-transferable, non-exclusive, and revocable license to access, display, upload, or send user content, use the embedded connection feature, place store orders, or access information, applications, and services. The Company reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to suspend or refuse your access to all or any portion of the Platform. This license is only for Your and Your Child's personal and non-commercial use. Any privileges not specifically given to You herein are reserved by Company.

Without the Company’s prior written consent, you are not permitted to reproduce, transmit, distribute, sub-license, broadcast, disseminate, or prepare derivative works of the Curriculum, or any part thereof, in any manner or through any communication channels or means, for any purpose other than the limited purpose mentioned above

The Company retains all rights to the video recordings, sound/audio recordings, images, photos, pictures/images clicked during classes, lectures delivered by the Company's tutors, text and other material posted on the Platform and shall be the sole owner of the same. You agree not to record, make videos or sound/audio recordings, take screen shots, or click pictures, and you agree not to download, publish, transmit, display, reproduce, transmit, distribute, post, share, or make copies of any of the Company's classes/lectures (including trial classes), video recordings, sound/audio recordings, images, photos, pictures/images,unless you obtain prior written approval from the Company, in whole or in part. Any recordings, videos, sound/audio recordings, screen shots, pictures, images, material, or content obtained in any way without the prior written consent of the Company shall constitute a breach of the present terms and conditions, and you shall be solely liable for the same under the applicable laws. All other rights remain unassailable.