Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

An independent self - study portal, JMT is an educational website dedicated to helping ICSE students of grade VIII, IX & X in learning, practising, and revising for their Mathematics exams.

The content curated on this site, serves to deliver excellent results through self - study, topic wise questions, solved answers and video solutions and much more.

Ranging from a wide variety of study material assorted topic wise to evaluation sheets, it proves to be a great tool for self - learning. With over thousands of practice questions, a discussion forum and up to date material as per the Board Format and Marking system, it guarantees results in the ICSE Mathematics Examination.

We ensure confidence with practice exams that resemble the ICSE Board Paper. It is truly a hassle free learning experience at your fingertips.

Yes! JMT has resources for all ICSE Mathematics Topics. It also has topic wise videos, tests and practice papers.

We love making ICSE Mathematics resources and ICSE Students love using JMT module!

Our mission is to create the highest quality ICSE Mathematics resources available online.

Over the last 20 years, we have been fortunate to have trained a vast number of students and delivered outstanding results.

ICSE Chapter Wise Key Concepts:
Short summary videos taught by experienced ICSE Math Teachers that teaches every key concept tested in ICSE Math Exams.

Chapter Wise Question bank:
Thousands of exam style questions, filterable by topic, sub - topic & difficulty. Solutions & Video solutions for all questions. This is the perfect place to practice & master the ICSE Math Exam.

Chapter Wise Board Questions:
Chapter Wise Solved Board Questions from 1995 onward.
Easy to understand and a step by step solution with a video explanation of every questions.

Chapter Wise Self Study Questions:
Chapter wise questions for practice, based on varying difficulty levels of the questions. Thorough practice of difficult concepts with additional practice questions

Test yourself with an extensive library of ICSE Math Practice Exams.
Topic & Sub - topic tests, Exam sets grouped by difficulty levels, questions of preliminary papers of reputed ICSE Schools solved and more.

Chapter wise Assessment to test Students conceptual understanding of the topics based on varying difficulty levels.

Combined Tests for Simultaneous Evaluation of several units and multiple concepts.

Term Exams that serve as mock practice for the Boards.

Mock Exams that are carefully created to help ICSE Students prepare for their finals.

Practice Papers to build confidence with an aim to master the Board Paper.

At an affordable annual price, resources for a complete preparation of the ICSE Mathematics Exams will be made available.

You wouldn’t need anything beyond the study material available on the website to study and secure full marks in the Board Paper.

The site isn’t free due to a the content is already offered at an affordable price.

It helps create more content and gives value to the knowledge generated by professionals over the course of many years.

Yes of course! Every change in the ICSE Mathematics Syllabus is incorporated and updated on the website.

More resources are added every now and then and new material will be added in the weeks, months and years to come.

It is definitely a dynamic website. We aren't going anywhere!

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