Our objective is to craft beautifully simple yet remarkably effective mathematical resources tailored specifically for ICSE students, ensuring that learning becomes an enriching and delightful experience.

ICSE Maths is a dedicated educational platform aimed at supporting ICSE students in their preparation for mathematics exams.

Welcome to ICSE MATHS, your ultimate destination for ICSE mathematics preparation. With over two decades of experience, ICSE MATHS stands as a pioneering force in ICSE mathematics coaching. We've revolutionized learning by providing students with an independent and effective platform. Our meticulously curated content comprises a comprehensive array of study materials, meticulously organized by topic. From evaluation sheets to solved answers and video solutions, our resources are tailored to facilitate self-paced learning. Featuring thousands of practice questions, a vibrant discussion forum, and regularly updated content aligned with the board format and marking system, icsemaths.in is your partner in achieving excellence in the ICSE Mathematics Examination. Our practice exams closely emulate the ICSE Board Paper, instilling confidence and readiness in students. Experience seamless learning at your fingertips with icsemaths.in, where mathematical success begins.


We aspire to implement a flawless, simple and an accessible self - learning method to assist students ace in the world of mathematics.


To enable students to learn a complete curriculum at their own pace while delivering exceptional results


Tutoring has been given to a large number of students till date.
Every year it has had 100 % results and over 80 % of the students have scored 90 % or higher


The self study portal is an independent portal that has complete study material including tests and evaluations for Mathematics ICSE Grade VIII, IX and X exams. At an annual affordable payment, students can learn all topics by practicing multiple questions supported by video solutions and extensive paper solving.
This is an all inclusive 'Study At Home' model which is a student friendly learning website.